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In an increasingly competitive marketplace that has seen the consumption of dairy & food products grow rapidly, producers must find highly flexible and sustainable processes. As the variety of dairy and food products has expanded, the entire industry is challenged, especially due to the rather short shelf life of some of these products.

Higher costs for raw materials, water, energy, and logistics in virtually every geographical areas have forced the industry to change their investment philosophy and optimize their economies of scale. Dairy & Food producers are focusing on consistent quality, cost competitiveness and sustainability. These important initiatives are resulting in the need for continuous and fully-automated production facilities with cost-efficient and environmentally friendly systems.


Pentair meets these challenges with its international center of excellence for advanced hygienic and aseptic engineering and professional project management.  

Our innovative valves, pumps and measuring technologies, hollow fiber membranes and skid-based process engineering solutions, along with our sustainable pro-active service and life cycle management, help create highly efficient and advanced operation.

Pentair delivers standardized engineered skid solutions for various applications in the dairy & food industries:

  • Blending and mixing
  • Aseptic and non-aseptic dosing
  • Microbiological filtration and conditioning
  • Fractionation and concentration of segments and ingredients
  • Water treatment and water re-use
  • Biogas upgrading with optional CO2 recovery
  • Distribution, storage (valve manifolds and tank clusters)
  • CIP (facilities and technologies)
Dairy and Food processing - infographic - Image 1