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In May 2019, Pentair has commissioned the new generation Beer Membrane Filter at the Einbecker Brewery. The complete filter line, including stabilization, blending and carbonation, has a capacity of 150 hl/h without any down time. The design is based on years of experience resulting in a smart steering control of three single “S4-units”. These units are able to filter and clean independently of each other, making it a self-foreseeing and self-operating filter. A master controller decides which unit has to run, at which flow, and which unit can do a cleaning.

The main benefits for the brewer are having a more predictable output in relation to any fluctuation in the quality of raw material, the possibility to filter small batches of specialty beers on one skid without high beer losses and a lower investment in hardware due to smaller inlet and outlet lines in the cellar. 

On top of that, the applied hollow fiber membrane technology has several advantages compared to the use of diatomaceous earth filters. Beer ageing is strongly reduced and in general, beer quality is more consistent. Besides the use of membranes is more sustainable and environmental friendly. 

Pentair and Einbecker Brewery found each other in this unique project. In a close and fruitful cooperation, the outcome is a new concept, which brings both parties further. Herr Christoph Benseler from Einbecker: „ This new BMF concept from Pentair has many advantages on our operation with regard to a guaranteed output, reduced costs and environmental friendly. Especially the fact that there is no down time makes it very attractive“. 

This new generation Beer Membrane Filter is a true example of Pentair’s Predictable Output. For Life.

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