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Jack Daniel’s Distilling Company. Lynchburg, TN, USA.


Whiskey in the World: Jack Daniel's, Old No. 7, Tennessee Honey, Gentleman Jack and Tennessee Fire.

Equipment Supplied

Pentair Haffmans ERS Ethanol Recovery System for recovery of ethanol from fermentation flue gas. The system is fully self-contained and able to be cleaned in place.


The challenge
Jack Daniel's was looking for ways to improve and optimize their process. Fermentation vent gas represented an opportunity to recover lost spirits and generate additional value for the Lynchburg Distillery.

Pentair Haffmans' Solution
Haffmans supplied an ethanol recovery system designed and built to recover ethanol entrained in the CO2 exhaust gas vented from a 40,000-gallon fermenter.

“We are very happy with the Haffmans ethanol recovery system. I had no idea how much ethanol was in our vent gas until we installed and ran the system.”

- Bill Spraggins - Jack Daniel's Engineering Manager

The 300 SCFM system was commissioned in 2018 and recovers 75-80 original proof gallons (OPG’s) every day from vent gas. Ethanol recovered in the system is of equal quality to ethanol produced inside the fermenter. The system paid for itself in six months with the amount of ethanol recovered from the fermentation process.

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