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12 November 2019

BrauBeviale 2019

Get your free tickets!  Visit us in hall 9-538! Brewing Perfection. FOR LIFE. Please join us in a “Brewing Perfection” journey where you can explore the Pentair solution...

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Brewing Perfection

Please join us in a “Brewing Perfection” journey where you can explore the Pentair solutions portfolio, meet our product specialists, and discover more about how our technologies and applications expertise can help you to improve your brewing operation.

Your customers know a great beer when they taste it. But only you know what needs to be done to create the perfect brew. Pentair partners with brewers to not only produce flavor-rich beers, but helps them to optimize quality, maximize process uptime and reduce product loss. From Haffmans quality control equipment to Südmo process valve technology; from high gravity brewing units, beer membrane filtration, COrecovery and water treatment solutions; to process engineering and service support – our Pentair specialists at the booth can help you deliver what your customers crave - brewed perfection.

Learn more about Pentair’s brand-new Beer Membrane Filtration System, a smart steering unit which enables multiple single skids to filter and clean independently of one another – leading to a more predictable and consistent output, and reduced downtime. Distinct taste and superior quality – that’s what consumers aim for when buying your product. The constant need for efficiency, variety and flexibility in production puts additional pressure on food and beverage processors. 

Haffmans quality control equipment puts you at ease when it comes to product quality and optimizing the management of key parameters such as COand O– so you can focus on that distinct taste. Haffmans quality control devices are available for portable, lab or inline usage, and include the measurement of O2, CO2, turbidity and foam, microfiltration of gas, liquid and steam, monitoring of keg/bottle washing and pasteurization – helping you to effectively monitor and manage quality.

As the need for efficiency, safety and sustainability in the food & beverage market increases, suppliers of process equipment have to continue to respond with advanced expertise. Whether meeting the strictest regulations or developing complete solutions – Pentair has products and services that fit, including our proprietary Südmo valve technology which can help you improve operational performance via its easy maintenance and optimized cleaning capabilities. Join us at Brau to learn more about how Südmo – the industry’s quality leader – and its hygienic and aseptic process valves, valve control technology, manifolds, application engineering and service can help your business. Partner with Pentair to maximize the process uptime and achieve what your customer more than appreciates – an efficient and safe operation.

You are operating a state-of-the-art production plant that requires consistently high performance over its operating life cycle, which includes everything from striving to optimize production output to maintaining strict compliance with industry regulations. Together we achieve these goals via aligned service schedules, supported by adequately trained personnel, and ready supply of original spare parts and consumables so that you can run your plant at full capacity while guaranteeing required quality levels at minimum operational costs. Pentair’s After Market Service program offers a variety of options, tailored to your specific business requirements. From after sales support and on-site repairs, training and supervision; to original spare parts and consumables; to preventive and corrective maintenance plus remote program management. Pentair can help keep your plant up and running. That’s what we call optimizing performance.


When availability and quality of COsources is critical to an efficient production process, capturing and using your own food-grade CO2 becomes a valuable option. Haffmans recovery systems are designed to recover COfrom the fermentation processes at your own brewery, ensuring a self-sufficient CO2 supply for higher efficiency, maximized resource availability and more reliable processes. Haffmans COrecovery solutions include containerized and plug-and-play units based on amine and membrane technology. Let Pentair help you nurture one of your most valuable ingredients and resources: CO2.

Beer lovers around the world are constantly looking for new taste experiences and like to enjoy various beer types. The brewer’s challenge is to not only create rich, flavorful and various beer types, but also to maximize product safety, optimize output, and deliver the highest quality beer possible.
Pentair's High Gravity Brewing (HGB) Technology allows you to boost your brewery's capacity considerably and offer a variety of products without having to invest in brewing house, tank or filter capacity. The idea behind HGB is to make and ferment wort with a high original wort content. Less water and energy are required and brewers are able to blend the brew into different end-products later. Pentair’s engineered solutions for a high-efficiency HGB system consist of a modular membrane filtration unit, water deaeration systems plus blending, carbonation and optional dosing units. Our solutions help keep the footprint of your process plant low and helps to avoid the cost associated with multiple process lines – boosting your brewing efficiency significantly.

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