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Many bioethanol production sites are challenged with ethanol loss caused by traditional fermentation gas scrubbers. Due to the conventional packing and high water consumption, low concentration ethanol is collected in the scrubber bottom and recycled back to the fermenters or further upstream, which creates an in-efficient ethanol loop.

Bioethanol production sites that wish to expand to meet market demand and/or run more cost-effectively, may need to meet revised venting norms, ideally without impacting the water balance. Unless a change is made to the gas scrubbing process the plant will continue to operate with higher water consumption, which negatively impacts revenue.


The Pentair Haffmans’ Ethanol Recovery System removes the heat, ethanol and water vapor in the fermentation gas for more complete recovery and a positive effect on revenue.
Pentair Haffmans’ Ethanol Recovery System is a cost-effective, proven method that uses a counter flow water wash system to remove ethanol from vented fermentation gas. The application of structured stainless steel packing provides maximal gas-water contact time and a minimal pressure drop.

By recirculating chilled scrubber water over the packing, ethanol concentrations of more than 12 percent vol/vol can be achieved, with reduced water consumption. This ethanol can be pumped directly to either the beer well or distillation column instead of being recycled back to the fermenters or further upstream.


  • Low ROI < 1 year achieved
  • Water savings
  • High ethanol content > 12 v/v% in scrubber bottom

  • Free up capacity
  • Retrofittable - Easy integration
  • Potential heat recovery
  • Low pressure drop

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Haffmans Ethanol Recovery Solutions

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