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BMF +Flux

The BMF +Flux System offers a turnkey filtration solution for breweries with capacity 7,000–22,000 hl/d.


The Pentair Beer Membrane Filtration System (BMF) enables a sustainable brewing process and a working environment free of health and safety risks that were present in the Diatomaceous Earth (DE) era of filtration. Pentair delivers beer membrane filtration systems, their components and related services from small to large scale solutions. With our BMF system, you save on waste disposal and product loss, and also benefit from measurable improvements in beer taste and stability - resulting in pure consistency.

The BMF +Flux System offers a turnkey filtration solution for breweries with capacity 7,000–22,000 hl/d.

The BMF +Flux System filters more beer in a smaller footprint than any other available technology. Pentair’s BMF is designed to be a future-proof system as skids can be added to the filter line as needed.

Pentair’s BMF +Flux is the choice for large breweries that need either batch processing or a customized solution. As with all of Pentair’s BMF systems, breweries can be assured of a safe and hygienic working environment.


  • Smart & compact design – low investment
  • High quality components – reliable operation
  • Low operational costs – guaranteed membrane life time
  • Maintenance limited to components like pumps & valves
  • Flexible design to integrate perfectly in larger breweries
  • Adding extra capacity later in time
  • Reuse parts of existing filter line – low capital expenditure

Functional Description

A BMF makes use of proprietary membrane technology. A membrane is a thin polymer layer with pores working like a sieve in the shape of a fiber. Turbidities like yeast and proteins are retained while beer flows through the pores. The membrane is used for many filter run-cycles, which is possible because of an optimized cleaning protocol. The membrane is made from polyethersulfone (PES) which is known for its great compatibility with food and beverages and can withstand cleaning agents and high temperatures. Thousands of membrane fibers form a module, and 4-18 modules are packed into a membrane unit.

Typically, Pentair’s BMF system consists of an unfiltered beer tank, the membrane filter system, and a filtered beer tank, along with a designated cleaning agent cabinet. In existing breweries, reuse of the current tanks in the filter line is possible, which helps minimize capital expenditures.

BMF systems offer unique features with the PES membranes, the optimized filtration process, and the ideal cleaning procedure. The optimized filtration process withstands large amounts of yeast, and yeast even has a positive effect on the run volumes. Because of this, pre-clarification of beer with a centrifuge is not necessary. These features help breweries save on Capex and energy use, plus help avoid expensive maintenance costs. As a result, the brewery benefits in the areas of sustainability, quality, operation, and expenditures.

Pentair’s BMF provides flexible installation and integration. The preassembled filter units are stand-alone solutions on a stainless steel frame. The compact modular design of the skids fits even challenging space requirements and since no DE handling/ kitchen/ storage is required, valuable space can be saved. 

To install the BMF in an existing brewery all that is needed are incoming and outgoing beer connections, water, power, compressed air, and carbon dioxide.

Fields of application

Beer and cider production.



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