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Biogas Upgrading Plant - BioPlus

The advanced approach of turning biogas into bio-methane is realized with Pentair’s upgrading solution BioPlus, which recovers bio-methane as a replacement for fossil-based natural gas.



Biogas is a key renewable energy source. Pentair is your partner in turning waste streams into sustainable energy solutions and valuable revenue streams.

Pentair's highly cost-efficient membrane-based biogas upgrading solution - BioPlus - allows for a significantly higher bio-methane yield with low methane slip and low energy consumption. The robust design and our dedicated service teams with 24/7 support (local and remote) provide for the best upgrading system availability.

The bio-methane can be injected into existing gas grids as a sustainable replacement of fossil natural gas or it can be utilized as fuel – either as Renewable Compressed Natural Gas (Renewable CNG) or Renewable Liquid Natural Gas (Renewable LNG). Utilizing bio-methane eliminates fossil fuel based carbon emissions in industrial and domestic environments, transportation, electricity, and heat production.

Did you know that our membrane and amine-based upgrading technologies are both compatible with our efficient CO2 technologies? Pentair can provide you with the unique opportunity to add another carbon intensity lowering revenue stream to your biogas plant: food-grade CO2. Needless to say, our products help you control the impurities to produce bio-methane in the most efficient process – with zero methane slip.

Pentair’s Sustainable Gas Solutions specializes in biogas upgrading and CO2 recovery systems. With over 1500 installed plants, including more than 40 biogas upgrading systems, Pentair’s dedication to this core business is widely recognized within the industry. Our R&D department is constantly researching emerging technologies for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our biogas upgrading solutions. Most importantly: we are there for you when your system is operating -- with global service hubs and dedicated technical support. We diagnose and optimize whenever you need us to keep your plant up and running! That’s why Pentair!


  • Maximized bio-methane yield
  • Low OPEX with low pressure membrane operation
  • Low total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Increased biogas value with the shift from electricity to bio-methane production
  • Optional Enclosed Skid solution for ease of installation/relocation and low noise
  • Small footprint and skid height
  • 24/7 remote service and support for high reliability (availability)


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In the pre-treatment, water and contaminants are removed from the biogas. The biogas pre-treatment allows for modest contamination levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and volatile organic compounds (VOC) -- for bulk removal of H2S or VOC’s, other options are available. After pre-treatment, the biogas is compressed to the most OPEX and CAPEX efficient pressure that allows for removal of CO2. The membranes then remove the CO2 from the methane to meet the required Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) specifications. Upgraded bio-methane can be injected into the national grid or further processed to renewable CNG or LNG.


  • Enclosed Skid plug and play unit
  • Biogas blower
  • Activated carbon-based bulk pre-treatment (H2S and VOC)
  • Scrubber
  • Gas Entry Unit
  • CNG compression and storage solutions
  • Installation and commissioning services
  • Zero methane emission



Product leaflet
Biogas Upgrading Plant - BioPlus
Product leaflet
Biogas Upgrading Plant - BioPlus (German)
Product leaflet
Biogas Upgrading Plant - BioPlus (Italian)
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Product leaflet
Biogas Upgrading Plant - BioPlus | Pentair - product leaflet
Product leaflet
Biogas Upgrading Plant - BioPlus | Pentair - product leaflet (German)
Product leaflet
Biogas Upgrading Plant - BioPlus | Pentair - product leaflet (Italian)
Technical documentation
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