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Pentair BMF Direct - Make beer on demand a reality

Your customer’s taste in beer can change depending on the occasion or even the season. They desire choice, and you require the ability to react to your market’s needs to serve your customers and retain competitiveness. But your current brewing process might be suboptimal, preventing you from being as reactive as you need to be.

You might be facing potential challenges, such as additional time required in bright beer storage (BBS) while your beer is being quality tested and awaiting transfer to packaging. This step can require the need to ensure you have adequate space for oncoming filtered beer, meaning juggling complex inventory management or potential investment in additional bright beer storage capacity.

In addition, depending on the amount of bright beer storage capacity your brewery has, handling multiple brands can also be a planning challenge. Waiting for your Bright Beer Tank (BBT) to fill with a particular type of beer is not always practical, meaning some of your BBTs are being filled to half capacity to fulfill packaging orders.

But what if you could enable a direct flow of beer from maturation straight to packaging, making beer on demand a possibility?

Where tradition meets innovation.

Through decades of working closely with brewers like you and understanding your challenges, we developed an ideal solution to help streamline your brewing to the packaging process.

Pentair BMF Direct connects your filter line with your packaging line through an automated and bright beer storage-free process, allowing you to handle fluctuations in demand and accelerate the time it takes to get your great-tasting beer into the hands of your customers.

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Interest in a leaner brewing process?


Pentair BMF Direct provides you with a direct connection between your filter line and packaging line, meaning any changes required in your inventory and planning for packaging lines can happen with a much faster response time.

With a faster turnaround time, you will be able to handle and produce a broader product portfolio of beer on demand.

Pentair BMF Direct allows you to skip the bright beer storage stage of your brewing process, meaning you will not have to consider the operational and capital costs associated with BBTs, which in turn reduces your overall total cost of ownership.


With Pentair BMF Direct:

  • Beer on demand becomes a reality.
  • Handle brand differentiation more efficiently.
  • The total cost of ownership savings because bright beer storage is removed.


Pentair BMF Direct - Bright beer storage free brewing - Image 2

Interest in a leaner brewing process?


After fermentation comes filtration - that’s where we come in.

Pentair BMF Direct starts with our sustainable beer membrane filtration (BMF) system, the Pentair BMF +Flux Smart S8, which consists of our intelligent smart controller and multiple membrane units.

The membrane units filter and clean independently of each other, with the smart steering controller deciding which unit runs, at which flow rate, and which unit cleans. What this means for your brewery is zero downtime and non-stop beer flow during the beer filtration stage.

Closely following our beer membrane filtration is Pentair BeerStab, our clear-cut beer stabilization system, allowing you to enhance your beer’s shelf life through the removal of polyphenols to your required level.

Next comes blending and carbonization through the Pentair Carbo Blender. Our blending process is based on water: beer ratio control, with a correction of either original gravity or alcohol content through PLC control. This ensures that the blending process is both effective and highly accurate.

Then, after blending, carbonation takes place. Our ability to provide automatic dosing of CO2 gives you the possibility to control the level of carbonation in your product, contributing to your beverage’s overall taste and freshness.

Then, within Pentair BMF Direct, other components working in unison with the above products include our Pentair Südmo Hygenic Process Valve Technology, our hygienic components ensure process and product safety; the Pentair Water Deaeration & Distribution System, providing the highest processing quality and optimum cleaning capabilities; and Pentair Haffmans Inline Quality Measurements which conduct O2 and CO2 quality checks throughout the entire process right through to packaging, ensuring longer beer shelf-life and taste stability.

Finally, with the power of real-time data via our virtual assistant software, Pentair BrewAssist, we will identify areas of opportunity within your BMF system to help you reach your business goals.

In addition to real-time BMF system insight data, our service level agreement (SLA) provides you with ongoing guidance and support to ensure you are using your new beer membrane filtration system to its full potential. We want to save time for you and provide you with insight into technological innovations to help you in your daily operations.

Pentair BMF Direct ultimately offers your brewery a leaner and more agile brewing process, allowing you to handle fluctuations in demand and accelerating the supply of beer to packaging.


  • Pentair BMF +Flux Smart S8
  • Pentair BeerStab
  • Pentair BrewAssist
  • Pentair Carbo Controller
  • Pentair Carbo Blender
  • Pentair Südmo Hygienic Process Valve Technology
  • Pentair Haffmans Water Deaeration System
  • Pentair Haffmans Quality Control Equipment:
    CO2 and O2 In-line measurement and turbidity measurement



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