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Ethanol Recovery System

Traditional ethanol scrubbing methods consume high amounts of water and continously recycle recovered  ethanol (~ 4% v/v in scrubber bottoms) to be lost (vented) in upstream processes. Using a Haffmans Ethanol Recovery System - ERS, ethanol, water vapor  and potential heat entrained in the fermentation gas is recovered more efficiently. 


  • Low ROI: as low as 1 year
  • Water savings:  up to 80% reduced water consumption
  • High ethanol content: up to 15% vol/vol in scrubber bottom
  • Retrofittable: Easy integration for quick start-up, low down time
  • Potential heat recovery : Preheat utility streams
  • Low pressure drop: as low as 8 inch (200 mm) WC

Functional Description

The Ethanol Recovery System is a cost-effective, proven technology using a counter flow water wash system to remove ethanol from vented gas. The application of structured stainless steel packing ensures an efficient gas-water contact time and a minimal pressure drop. By re-circulating chilled scrub water over the packing, ethanol is concentrated up to 15% v/v with reduced water consumption. The recovered ethanol is concentrated up to 15% v/v so that scrubber bottoms are pumped directly to the beerwell feeding the distillation columns (instead of recycling it back to upstream processes) thus breaking the ethanol loop.

Fields of application

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Pentair Haffmans Ethanol Recovery Systems & Gas Scrubbers operate successfully in many parts of the world in industries such as: 

- Bioethanol
- Distilling
- Brewing
- Wine
- Cider

The Ethanol Recovery System is integrated in the gas collection line downstream of the fermenters, upstream of existing gas scrubbers.

Whether the site situation requires a complete gas scrubber, a replacement, a retrofit or expansion, Pentair Haffmans provides a suitable Ethanol Recovery solution.



Product leaflet
Haffmans Ethanol Recovery System
Haffmans Ethanol Recovery
Case Study
Jack Daniel's Distilling Company
Technical documentation
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Product leaflet
Ethanol Recovery System - ERS | Haffmans - leaflet
Ethanol Recovery System - ERS | Haffmans - leaflet
Case Study
Jack Daniel
Technical documentation
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Ethanol Recovery System - Jack Daniel



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