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Water Deaeration System

Pentair Water Deaeration System WDS is based on our long experience in the area of gas/liquid stripping technology. The water deaeration system is based on stripping technology with the help of CO2, either at a temperature of 72 °C, or at ambient temperature.

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    Perfect process and product control
    • Low O2 values
    • Hygienic design

    Cost saving
    • Low maintenance
    • Less labor intensive (fully PLC controlled)
    • No heavy-duty vessel or vacuum pump required

Functional Description

The water deaeration system is a skid-mounted system, it consists of proven components, and includes all required piping, wiring and control systems. The hygienic, fully automated and reliable design guarantees easy handling, low maintenance and a long service life.

Water enters the top of the stripping column and is led through specially designed packing with a large contact surface area. CO2 is injected at the bottom and travels in counter flow, resulting in a highly efficient removal of air. The deaerated water is subsequently cooled down to a temperature of 2 °C.


Fields of application

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Automated and reliable deaeration of process water in the food & beverage industry.



Product leaflet
Haffmans Water Deaeration System

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Product leaflet
Water Deaeration Systems - WDS | Pentair - leaflet
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