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O2 management of your beverage

Distinct taste and superior quality – that’s what consumers aim for when buying your product. The constant need for efficiency, variety and flexibility in production puts additional pressure on food and beverage processors.

Pentair's O2 Management Solutions puts you at ease when it comes to product quality and optimizing the management of O2 as your key quality parameters - so you can focus on that distinct taste. Haffmans Quality Control Equipment is available for portable, lab or inline usage, and include the measurement of O2. So start now by measuring your O2 levels during and after production and improve your taste stability and shelf life.

Brewer checks beer quality


  • Longer shelf-life
  • Reliable measurement gives you peace of mind
  • Taste stability due to better control
  • Manage the customer experience of your beverage

Importance of measuring o2

O2 management is important because it's influencing taste and shelf life.

Taste Proper O2 management gives a stabile taste experience because of the negative influence of oxygen on the microbiological changes of the beverage, especially when it comes to beer.

Shelf life 

Also, shelf live will be shorter with more oxygen in your beverage. It is especially important to have a stable shelf life because your beverage should have the same taste experience by the end of the best before date as when it was freshly bottled. 

Multiple parameters can be measured 

What can be measured with regards to Oxygen: 
  • DO = dissolved oxygen in the liquid
  • HSO = head space Oxygen, present in the gas in the headspace 
  • TPO = Total Package Oxygen and is the sum of HSO+DO.

Where to measure O2 in your process
Pentair Haffmans' Quality Control Instruments help to understand and manage your O2 levels throughout your production process. The most essential steps are summarized below.


Monitoring the aeration of the wort prior to fermentation

Cold Block

  • Checking oxygen pickup during fermentation 
  • Monitoring the oxygen pickup during filtration

Monitoring oxygen pickup during the packaging process Final in-process quality control

Final product quality control check

O2 content of carbonated beverages
  • in tanks 
  • in pipelines 
  • in kegs (pre-mix) 
  • on dispensing systems 
  • in bottles and cans (in combination with ISD-SP)

measure o2 in brewing process



  • Oxygen (O2) sensor spot is in contact with the medium
  • The sensor spot is intensely illuminated by a light source for a short time.
  • Depending of the O2 content in the medium, the sensor spot will give a light signal.
  • A photo detector measures this light signal, and from it the oxygen content is calculated.
  • The electronics modulates the emitted light intensity and measures a phase shift to the received light.

Optical Fiber O2 measurement



Product Leaflet
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Case Study
Bolten Brewery

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Product Leaflet
Case Study
Portable Optical O2/TPO Meter - o-DGM - Bolten Brewery | Haffmans - Case study

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