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Given the variety and complexity of products produced by pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutraceutical & cosmetic processors to stay competitive, they are challenged to combine consistent quality, cost control and sustainability. These important initiatives result in the need for continuous and fully-automated production facilities with cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly systems.

Pentair meets these challenges with integrated and sustainable production solutions that include advanced valve technology, continuous processing, quality control equipment, and membrane technology for water purification and filtration. This range of technology helps our customers create a highly efficient and advanced production operation.

Pentair’s Sustainable process solutions will help you:

  • Reduce capital expenditure
  • Minimize operational expenditure
  • Increase quality and safety
  • Reduce environmental impact

Cutting-edge process valve technology

Our reliable and versatile single seat valve product range Südmo SVP Select offers a wide variety of sizes and executions, including long stroke. The modular design optimized for easy maintenance allows for common seal dimensions and actuators for the various sizes while reduces the service costs.

Pentair Südmo’s mix proof valve technology provide revolutionized piping systems in hygienic process industries by eliminating all the problems associated with manual swing panels. The benefits of mix proof valve technology include safe separation of different products or product and cleaning solution, reduced product losses, and shorter CIP times. Mix proof valve manifolds are fully automated and enclosed systems that help reduce labor costs and operator errors, reduce oxygen pickup in the product, and allow for faster changeovers. These features increase efficiency and eliminate personnel safety concerns particularly when hot cleaning solutions are handled. In addition, our full line of valve technology can be applied throughout the process plant to help you achieve maximum efficiency. Our portfolio includes aseptic and hygienic valves and components that range from butterfly valves for powder applications to a new Fill valve that provides long operating cycles, even at high speeds.

Achieve perfect control of product and CIP flow with the Südmo SVP Select Control Valve. This valve is customizable for each application using standard components. The optional programmable features in the control top provide excellent control and repeatability.
Our valve control unit Südmo IntelliTop 2.0 provides decentralized control of process valves for pharmaceutic producers. This is an enormous advantage when building complex valve manifolds in tank depots or distribution stations.

For many pharmaceutical and biotechnical applications, Pentair supplies valves welded into manifolds or clusters on a stainless steel frame for safe, effective and flexible distribution of different media. They are fitted with a drip pan designed to collect cleaning solution during seat lifting. The valves can also be pre-wired to a control panel that is mounted on the manifold. This allows the complete manifold to be tested with the control system before it is delivered to the customer’s premises.

Pentair Haffmans provides a complete range of technologies for measuring carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) in the laboratory, packaging, at-line and in-line. Whether you are upgrading to more advanced technology or planning a major expansion, we have the quality products to serve you today and in the future. Our product portfolio includes instruments for measuring CO2, O2, air, and haze as well as for monitoring processes such as pasteurization and bottle washing.