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Winemaking is a complex, highly regulated process involving a combination of science, art, and agriculture. 

Winemakers face various challenges throughout the process, from grape cultivation to bottling the final product. Adaptation to changing conditions and consumer preferences is essential for success in the wine industry.


Pentair Smart, Sustainable Solutions plays an essential role in wine production, helping wineries maintain and improve the quality of their wines, enhance the production process, and ensure consistency in their products. 

As a leading global provider of innovative flow solutions that enhance our customer's performance and quality, our specialism lies in CO2 and O2 management, hygienic and aseptic process valve technology, filtration technology, CO2 Recovery systems, and wastewater treatment.


Quality Control

  • Oxygen (O2) measurement
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement
  • Brix measurement
  • Turbidity measurement

CO2 Systems
  • CO2 recovery
  • Ethanol Scrubber


  • Wine filtration with membrane technology
  • Membrane BioReactor (MBR), wastewater treatment plant

Process Technology
  • Valves
  • Mixing/blending
  • Storage & CIP

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