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Engineered Solutions for Winery

Pentair is your source for innovative proven technology enhancing the quality of your wine. We specialize in CO2 and O2 management, quality control, a wide range of valves, membranes for wine, water and wastewater treatment thus delivering engineered solutions for our winery customers.



Quality control
• Oxygen (O2) measurement
• Carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement
• Brix measurement
• Turbidity measurement

CO2 Systems
• CO2 recovery
• CO2 Gas Ethanol Scrubber

• Wine filtration with membrane technology
• Membrane BioReactor (MBR), wastewater treatment plant

Process Technology
• Valves
• Mixing/blending
• Storage

Functional Description

Pentair’s sustainable turn-key winery solutions provide systems and components that will help to:

  • Reduce CAPEX & OPEX
  • Minimize CO2 footprint
  • Reduce environmental Impact
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Fields of application

Pentair offers components, systems and sustainable process solutions for wineries all over the world.
Whatever challenge you face, be it reorganizing your systems, expanding, modernizing, or installing completely new product lines, we are on hand to provide all the help you need.



Petair Sustainable Winery Solutions

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