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Package Analyzer, type c-TPO Selective

The Haffmans c-TPO Selective is the ideal package analyzer for breweries that use nitrogen (N2) assisted filling instead of CO2, or inject N2 into the beer during packaging.



  • Assure high quality beer and beverages in every package
    - Prevents inferior product entering the market
  • Save time and money, and maximize ROI
  • Automated measurement with no sample preparation required
  • All-in-one measurement: HSO, DO, TPO and CO2
    - Reduces process downtime
    - Prevents product losses
    - Requires minimal maintenance 

Functional Description

In the beer and beverage industries both oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are important gases. When it comes to product life and flavor stability, oxygen is detrimental. Preventing O2 pick-ups during the entire production and packaging process is of paramount importance. As a result, beer and beverages are produced with very low dissolved oxygen (DO) levels, to achieve consistent quality and high flavor stability during the products’ shelf life. The content of dissolved CO2 is decisive to the quality and taste of beer and carbonated beverages. 

Beyond traditional TPO measurement methods and instruments, the c-TPO measures the headspace O2 and DO by the filler, while at the same time the liquid remains in the package and is not consumed by the instrument. Sample preparation time is skipped and lab space is minimized. The c-TPO also supports the well-known z-factor method according to Uhlig. The CO2 content is measured according to Henry’s Law.

Fields of application

For breweries and soft drink manufacturers that use N2 in the production process, and seek more sophisticated methods to monitor the O2 and CO2 levels during production and in the filled package. Use in Laboratory and Packaging Department.



Haffmans Package Analyzer Brochure

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