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For smaller breweries needing a cost-effective yet reliable DO content measurement device, Pentair Haffmans Oxy-2Go is the answer.


No-nonsense DO measurement

Pentair Haffmans Oxy-2Go offers smaller breweries a straightforward and portable way to monitor the complete range of dissolved oxygen (DO) content in beer wort, beer, and other beverages.

With increased and consistent DO content monitoring, breweries can manage beer quality and reduce product losses, maintaining the taste stability of their beverages during their shelf life.


Pentair Haffmans Technology

Pentair Oxy-2Go contains in-built Pentair optical technology. Access leading technology in this lightweight device.  


The in-built optical technology of Pentair Oxy-2Go provides you with reproducible and reliable DO content readings.

The device’s portability allows you to measure throughout the entire brewery process, allowing for regular DO monitoring, which helps to reduce overall batch losses. 

Functional Description

  • Built with proven optical Pentair technology. 
  • Device is portable and wireless rechargeable. 
  • Multiple language options available.  
  • Lightweight, compact device. 
  • Wide-ranging DO measurement.

Fields of application

Sample directly during the brewing production process. 
Sample within the laboratory in combination with sampling device Pentair Haffmans ISD 2.0.

Pentair Haffmans Oxy-2Go can be used with liquids resulting from, for example: 
- The production process (tanks and pipes). 
- Casks.
- Full bottles and cans
When combined with the Pentair Haffmans ISD 2.0, Pentair Oxy-2Go can be used to measure the dissolved oxygen content of a full container. 



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Pentair Haffmans Oxygen Content Measurement Device - Oxy-2Go
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Product leaflet
Oxygen Content Measurement Device - Oxy-2Go | Pentair Haffmans - leaflet
Product Overview Brochure
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Technical documentation
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