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Double Seat Valves - 365it Complete PMO

A mix proof valve that packs superior process safety and efficiency alongside a more intelligent operation. 

Setting the standard in dairy
Dairy processors face the challenge of achieving high purity levels and handling diverse product streams while minimizing product loss and increasing sustainability. How can the dairy industry overcome these obstacles?
The choice is Südmo
The Pentair Südmo Double Seat Valve 365it Complete PMO is a mix proof valve with a unique Pentair patented* deflector. This deflector provides a dependable physical barrier preventing direct impingement of CIP solution on the opposite seat during CIP seat lifting processes. 

The valve does not rely on inline pressures and contours.
*US patented deflector.


  • Leakage-free product switching
  • Dependable mechanical barrier prevents contamination
  • Fulfills safety regulations: Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and 3-A 85-03
  • Compact design enhances maintenance and reduces required footprint
  • Balanced upper and lower seats ensure operations up to 145 psi
  • Minimized actuator size reduces valve size and weight
  • Fully sealed actuator minimizes actuator maintenance


  • 5-year prorated actuator warranty (USA only)
  • Three-seat valve (deflector)
  • Defined seat lift positions

In seat area 
  • Closing sleeve with conical seal O ring 
  • Valve disc with RSC seat (Radial Seal Complete)

In shaft area 
  • Sealing by form-fit profile seal

Functional Description

Scenario 1: The valve is closed. Two different media are mix proof separated. 

Scenario 2: The valve is open. The product can run between two lines.

Scenario 3: Seat lift of lower valve disc. CIP in the lower line is cleaning the entire line including the seat area of valve and lower valve stem. The product represented in green (above the lower line) is mix proof separated in the upper line.

Scenario 4: Seat lift of upper valve disc. CIP in the upper line is cleaning the entire line. The product represented in green passes through its line as it is mix proof separated in the lower line.

Double Seat Valve Südmo PMO - image 3

Fields of application

Double Seat Valve Südmo PMO - image 2
Pentair Südmo Double Seat Valves 365it Complete PMO are suitable for mix proof applications requiring high standards in dairy processing, such as cheese and curd processing. Suitable for use in:

• Raw receiving 
• Raw tank storage 
• HTST supply and discharge lines 
• Pasteurized tank storage 
• Filler supply lines 
• Batching systems

Tank Outlet and Cheese Curd Versions 
An alternative version of our PMO valve is the 365it Complete Cheese Curd Outlet PMO Mix Proof Valve. Its large open cross-section allows particles of up to approximately 1.5 inches to pass unobstructed through the valve.

The Tank Outlet Valve version is uniquely designed for direct integration into the tank. Designed with no dead zones allows for optimum tank cleaning. Vertical and horizontal installations are available of the tank outlet.



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