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Powder Butterfly Valves

Südmo Powder Butterfly Valves F250P/F251P Ski-Jump are used in powder conveying/transport applications. Our comprehensive valve line features both manual and pneumatic drive options, including lockable handles and vertical actuators. 


  • Maintenance friendly.
  • Site repairable.
  • Isolation or regulation control.
  • Full range of optional accessories.


  • Quarter turn operation.
  • Optional end connections.
  • One-piece disc and stem assembly.
  • Fully machined 316L/304L stainless steel body.
  • Bi-directional capability.
  • Equal percentage characteristics.
  • High Cv
  • Slim profile disc.
  • Integral valve position indicator.
  • High grade seat materials for optimised life.
  • Ski-jump feature for optimised seat life.
  • Combination dual or multi position handle assembly.
  • High impact reinforced polymer handle with a stainless steel drive (full stainless steel option available).
  • Integral padlocking as standard on manual valves.

Functional Description

Südmo Powder Butterfly Valve features advanced butterfly valve seat technology based on many years development while working closely with powder handling specialists. As a result the valve provides optimized performance in this harsh abrasive environment.

Pentair offers a variety of options that allow monitoring and control of the valves through a PLC control system via the Easymind control unit both standard and an IEC Ex version is available for Zone 22 installations.

Fields of application

The powder butterfly valves can be used for powder conveying in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, and beverage industries.



Product leaflet
Südmo Powder Butterfly Valves F250P/F251P
Installation and Operation instructions
Repair and Maintenance Instructions
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Product leaflet
Hygienic Powder Butterfly Valves F250P/F251P Ski-Jump | Pentair - leaflet
Powder Butterfly Valves - 250P/F251P | Pentair - Installation and operation instructions
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