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taking service to the next level

Today, service is much more than just repair and maintenance. Service contracts are an integral part of a preventative maintenance program that begins during project management when Pentairs’ service team comes on board. 

On-site, the service team gathers valuable information on the specific conditions of the operation. With performance data monitoring, we are able to acquire long-term information, which ensures that troubleshooting and service activities can be very efficient when needed.

Pentair offers original spare parts planning, for preventative maintenance, emergency repairs, and customer-specific maintenance schedules.

By doing this, we not only address urgent maintenance work and repairs, but take preventative measures to help minimize maintenance time and unscheduled downtime. All of this contributes to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


  • Maximum operation uptime
  • Highest product quality and safety
  • Reduced utility consumption
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Expert know-how
  • Variety of service options to choose from

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> Brochure - Südmo Service
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