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Trillium Brewing Company
Canton, MA, USA


20,000 barrels sold in 2018 & growing


100 year-round beers plus 200 seasonal special, and barrel aged brews

Installed systems

Carbo Controller CCR



Equipment Supplied

CCR-40 Automated Inline Carbonation System for post centrifuge beer carbonation in the cellar. The system automatically delivers carbonation values to the set point entered into the control panel, which assures that beer with consistent carbonation values reaches the bright beer tanks. This eliminates stratification, production bottlenecks and long carbonation times commonly experienced with tank carbonation through carbonation stones.

The Challenge

Trillium Brewing was carbonating its brews with traditional “in tank” carbonation using carbonation stones. While this method worked, it was time for the brewery to upgrade to a carbonation method that was more accurate and consistent, and less operator dependent. The system also needed to be able to dose “on the fly” accurately at the high throughput speeds that are normally present when running centrifugal separators in the cellar.

Pentair Solution

Pentair supplied a prefabricated skid CCR-40 inline carbonation system to Trillium. The system included a carbon dioxide (CO2) dosing block, inline static mixers, modulating pressure control valves, inline instrumentation, and controls for automated measurement and dosing of CO2 into the beer stream coming from the upstream centrifuge in the cellar. Based on the beer type the operator enters a set point for carbonation and the systems doses to that set point on the fly. The system was installed and commissioned in 2017 and currently carbonates more than 30 types of beer.

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