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IoT for Beer Filtration 

Pentair Q is an IoT platform that allows breweries to connect their Pentair Beer Membrane Filtration (BMF) System to the cloud. 

Through the power of real-time data, brewers can make more informed decisions and adjustments to the performance of their filtration process.

How can you benefit?

• Improve Beer Yield  
Identity patterns on optimal times to clean your BMF system, ensuring you get as much beer out of your filters as possible. 

Lower operating costs
By pinpointing the origin of alerts, you can stay on top of equipment standstill, helping to lower overall maintenance costs.  

Look into the future 
Machine learning algorithms provide future forecasting capabilities, allowing you to see into the future and optimize planning when needed. 

Increase output predictability 
By reducing manual input and responding to alerts in real-time, maintain greater control over your process and improve output predictability.

Reduce environmental impact 
Staying informed of adjustments to critical process parameters will improve overall operational efficiency, reducing wasteful use of consumables.  

Ensure consistency 
There are many variables that have an impact upon your final product. Pentair Q IoT contextualizes data from sensors and processes and opens up the black box of manufacturing, allowing you to take steps to control product quality and ensure consistency. 

Pentair Q Features

  • Data Dashboarding 
Expand your decision-making with readily accessible internal knowledge available at your fingertips. 

  • Data Visualization
Visualize custom trends empowering users to identify potential areas for system performance optimization.

  • Advanced Analytics 
Key performance indicator histograms provide the users with information about deviating values to prevent potential performance decreases and solve issues before they happen.

  • User Support
Cut the technical learning curve with our digital support.  

  • Notification Management 
Receive instant notifications to mitigate downtime, inform users about potential safety issues or notify them about changes in system performance. Notification management provides a list of the top five Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to focus on for the biggest impact. 

  •  Knowledge Transfer
Compare and apply learnings across different site locations. 

  • Web and Mobile Application  
Pentair Q is available as a web and mobile application (iOS/Android), allowing you to stay in touch with your system wherever you are. 

How does Pentair Q work in breweries? 

Sensors in your BMF system generate real-time data, which is collected and transferred to the Pentair Q cloud data lake using the local OT/IT network.

Pentair Q processes this cloud data and feeds it to tailor-made micro applications. 

Supported by techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence, these micro applications allow you to investigate and make the best operational decisions quickly.  

Pentair Q Dashbaord

The outcome is shown through an intuitive and self-explanatory user interface that gives quick access to data that is relevant to the respective user. 

Turn valuable process data into insights, predictions, and process improvements to increase your filtration system’s efficiency, sustainability, and flexibility. 

The daily routines of operators and brewing managers are also made easier with Pentair Q, allowing them to focus on brewing perfection. 

Qualified data for world-class operations is at your fingertips.



Pentair Q BMF (English)
Pentair Q BMF (German)
Case Study
Hanuman (English)

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Pentair Q BMF | Pentair - Brochure (English)
Pentair Q BMF | Pentair - Brochure (German)
Case Study
Pentair Q BMF | Hanuman - Case Study (English)
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