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  • Bioethanol recovery
  • Biogas upgrading
  • Carbonation, blending
  • CO2 recovery
  • Deaeration
  • Membrane filtration
  • Microfiltration
  • Product recovery solutions
  • Projects and engineering
  • Quality control: At-line
  • Quality control: In-line
  • Valves, pumps and hygienic components


  • Air, CO2, O2, TPO measurement
  • Beer membrane filtration system
  • Biogas upgrading system
  • Butterfly and ball valves
  • Carbonation and blending units
  • CO2 handling and storage
  • CO2 recovery energy scan
  • CO2 recovery equipment
  • Complete laboratory solutions
  • Control valves
  • CPM filtration solutions
  • Dairy membrane filtration
  • Deaeration units
  • Dew point and purity testing
  • Engineered skid solutions
  • Ethanol recovery systems
  • Filter testing
  • Foam measurement
  • In-line housings and sight glasses
  • Miscellaneous process valves
  • Mixproof valves
  • Non-Return Valves
  • Safety valves
  • Single seat valves
  • Tank top systems
  • Turbidity measurement
  • Valve manifolds
  • Valve operation and control
  • Washing and pasteurization monitors


  • Beer
  • Bioethanol
  • Biogas
  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Cider
  • Dairy and food
  • Mineral and bottled water
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Wine and spirits


  • Haffmans
  • Pentair
  • Pentair (previously Keystone)
  • Südmo
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Pentair with its industry-leading brands and world-wide service network is uniquely positioned to serve our global customers, in a broad variety of markets.

Pentairs’ Food & Beverage Processing solutions include hygienic and aseptic valves and pumps, membrane technology for water and beer purification, filtration and continuous beverage processing; carbon dioxide (CO2) systems, quality control equipment, microfiltration products, and biogas upgrading equipment. Inspired  engineered solutions for a changing world!

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Products for Food&Beverage Processing - Haffmans

Pentair Haffmans, located in Venlo, The Netherlands, supplies quality control equipment, micro-filtration and carbon dioxide (CO2) systems for the brewing, soft drink, wine, bioethanol, and biogas industries. Haffmans is a market leader in state-of-the-art technology and customized solutions for CO2 recovery and management.


Products for Food&Beverage Processing - Südmo

Pentair Südmo, located in Riesbürg, Germany, has more than 60 years experience in hygienic process equipment, and an extensive range of stainless steel sanitary and aseptic valves and fittings, complete manifolds and prefabricated units for the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic industries.


Products for Food&Beverage Processing - Pentair formerly Keystone

Pentair Flow Control Pacific Pty Ltd located in Hamilton, New Zealand, is a renowned supplier of sanitary butterfly valves and industrial process valves (formerly Keystone), and delivers solutions to a wide variety of industries and the food & beverage market. One of their outstanding products is the Powder Butterfly Valve, for handling of e.g. milk powder.


Engineering for Food & Beverage Industries - Image 2

Pentair Beverage Filtration Solutions, located in Enschede, The Netherlands, specializes in diatomaceous earth (DE) free beer membrane filtration, brewery and beverage plant projects, and standardized units. This enables Pentair to deliver turnkey projects to complete cold block processing.


Engineering for Food & Beverage Industries - Image 1

Pentair HPS Projects, located in Riesbürg, Germany, offers process systems, project engineering and project management for the brewing, dairy & food and beverage industries. We design innovative and reliable solutions that are the basis for superior product quality. Additionally, we provide planning, delivery, assembly and commissioning solutions to our customers worldwide.

Pentair logo

As part of its separation into a new pure play water company, a new Pentair website has launched. Please visit the new to learn more about our exciting new company and your favorite brands!