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Start now protecting your product quality and shelf life. Monitor the performance of returnable bottle/keg disinfection before your next product filling. Make sure all spoiling microorganisms are destroyed.

Distinct taste and superior quality – that’s what consumers aim for when buying your product. The constant need for efficiency, variety, and flexibility in production puts additional pressure on beverage producers.

Haffmans' Bottle and Keg Washing Monitor Solutions put you at ease when it comes to optimizing the performance of your washing lines – so you can focus on that distinct taste, your key quality parameter.

Monitors the bottle washing process and measures both temperature and conductivity as a function of time.

Bottle Washing Monitor - BTM - Haffmans - image 1

Monitors the keg washing process and measures the temperature of the incoming product, the temperature of the product leaving the keg, the temperature of the keg wall, and the pressure inside the keg. Besides, the data logger continuously registers the position of the keg in the cleaning process.

Keg Washing Monitor - Haffmans - image 1


  • Assuring product quality
  • Perfect process control
  • Optimization of energy and caustic consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy handling


Due to positive initiatives to recycle and re-use valuable waste streams to save electricity, water and to protect the planet for our future generations to come, the returnable bottle and keg are now even more important than before. To make sure that returnable bottles and kegs are properly cleaned many breweries and other bottlers have installed washing lines. But how to safeguard the quality of your washing process?

Are you sure the right temperatures are used during cleaning to prevent microorganisms influence the quality of your filled package? Is there a lot of superheated steam during cleaning which increases your energy consumption? To solve this challenge a special keg or bottle can travel through your cleaning lines and log relevant data. Therefore it is recommended to keep the cleaning of your washing line consistent and measure the quality of the cleaning.



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