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Why Harvest and Collect CO₂

For breweries wanting to take a strategic step towards self-sufficiency with CO₂ Recovery, harvesting and collection technology is needed to bring the CO₂ from the fermentation area to the CO₂ recovery system. 

This technology also helps to mitigate the release of excess CO₂ into the atmosphere during fermentation by capturing it at its source for CO₂ recovery. 

The Path to CO₂ Self-Sufficiency

Pentair provides breweries with a complete CO₂ harvesting, collection, and recovery scope of technology, helping breweries on their path to CO₂ self-sufficiency. 

Breweries can capture, purify, and reuse the CO₂ generated during their fermentation process, which can help to control costs associated with purchasing commercial CO₂, improve control over the purity and quality of the collected CO₂, reduce reliance on third-party CO₂ suppliers, and help to mitigate the carbon footprint of the brewery.


  • Harvesting, collection, and recovery scope of technology from one provider.  
  • Rely on 75+ years of Pentair CO₂ technology expertise.  
  • Modular-type installation eases integration into existing brewery processes. 
  • Unique gas manifold design allows for simultaneous cleaning, harvesting, and venting of different tanks. 


The first step required is to adapt the fermentation process from an open (atmospheric) fermentation to a closed fermentation vessel with controlled gas in and out. 

Pentair Südmo Tank Top Valve Technology collects CO2 gas from the cylindrical, conical fermentation tanks (CCT). This innovative design prepares the gas for harvesting and allows simultaneous cleaning of the fermentation tank from the same supply pipe, meaning no additional cleaning piping is needed. 

Once the CO2 is collected from the fermentation tanks, the gas is directed to the Pentair Südmo Double-Seat Valve Gas Manifold, a centralized gas and CIP (cleaning in place) media distribution system. From there, the gas can be sent to either a foam trap (if the purity of the CO2 is insufficient for harvesting) or a vent trap. The foam trap ensures that the raw fermentation gas is transferred to the CO2 Recovery system foam-free. 
CO2 Recovery 
After the initial fermentation process, the raw, foam-free gas is sent to the Pentair Haffmans CO2 recovery plant. Here, it is buffered and scrubbed of water-soluble contaminants (like ethanol). The gas pressure is then increased to 18barg (261psig) using a two-stage CO2 compressor unit, removing condensate. The remaining impurities are removed using a dual-activated carbon filter and drier unit. 

After recovery comes vaporization, where the CO2 is processed into gas form and sent to the CCT and BBT (bright beer tank) area to be utilized back into the brewing process or liquified and stored in the liquid storage tank for export.

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