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BMF +Flux Smart S8

Beer Membrane Filtration System for large breweries that produce at a capacity between 200-600 hl/hr.


Pentair BMF +Flux Smart S8 is a fully automated filtration system explicitly designed for continuous processing in large breweries that typically produce between 200-600 hl/hour.

With our BMF +Flux Smart S8, you save on waste disposal and product loss, benefit from measurable improvements in beer taste and contribute to sustainability.



  • Ideal for continuous processing
  • Reduce your beer loss down to 0,1-0,2%
  • Helps achieve a sustainable operation
  • Retain flexibility with system agility
  • Benefit from in-house project management and engineering
  • Contains a user-friendly start-stop system
  • Remote access for 24/7 support, monitoring and optimization  
  • Fully automated
  • Easy to add additive dosing units, a regenerable PVPP system, and membrane units for extra capacity
  • Available on several software platforms
  • Non-stop beer flow


The BMF +Flux Smart S8 consists of a master controller and multiple membrane units. The master controller can be seen as a computer that monitors and directs the membrane units.

At its core is its ability for the membrane units to filter and clean independently of each other. Even when the quality of resources has fluctuations, the smart steering controller makes sure the system runs as efficient as possible. Furthermore, the smart steering controller decides which unit has to run, at which flow rate, and which unit can do a cleaning. Meaning a reduction of downtime to zero, and non-stop beer flow.


  • In-house Pentair X-Flow Hollow Fiber Membrane Technology
  • In-house Haffmans Process Valve Technology
  • Pentair Haffmans Quality Control Measurement
  • Inline cleaning capability
  • Smart Steering Controller  

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Case Study
Einbecker Brewery BMF
Product Overview Brochure
Beer Membrane Filtration from Pentair
Product Leaflet
BMF +Flux Smart S8 (English)
Product Leaflet
BMF +Flux Smart S8 (German)
Product Leaflet
BMF +Flux Smart S8 (Russian)
Technical documentation
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Case Study
Einbecker - Beer Membrane Filtration | Pentair - Case Study
Product Overview Brochure
Beer Membrane Filtration | Pentair - brochure
Product Leaflet
BMF +Flux Smart | Pentair - Product Leaflet
Product Leaflet
Beer Membrane Filtration - BMF +Flux Smart | Pentair - Product Leaflet (German)
Product Leaflet
Beer Membrane Filtration - BMF +Flux Smart | Pentair - Product Leaflet (Russian)
Technical documentation
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