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Activated Carbon Filters

The Haffmans Activated Carbon Filter CPM - PAK is a validated absorption filter for removing oil vapor. It is recommended to be used in combination with our coalescence filter type PSMF that removes particles, aerosol and droplets of water and oil from the gas. The coalescence filter is installed as a first stage filtration, followed by the activated carbon filter as a second stage filtration.


  • Up to 50 percent of Total Cost of Ownership savings due to: 
    - Robust stainless steel segmented filter elements
    - Use of easy-to-exchange cost-effective filter membranes
    - Reduced inventory and disposal costs
  • High filtration security
    - Easy filter performance control and damage detection
  • Sustainable solution
    - Minimal waste achieved as only the filter membrane needs replacement

Functional Description

The Haffmans Activated Carbon Filter CPM - type PAK, is a validated adsorption filter for the removal of residual oil vapor. The activated carbon’s large surface area ensures high adsorption capacity and optimum purification performance throughout the filter’s life.

Fields of application

Removal of oil, water and solid particles from compressed air, CO2 and other gases. Can be used in all industries.



Haffmans CPM Filters
Case study
Haffmans CPM Filter System for Soft Drink Plant
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Case study
CO2 filter system - CPM - Soft Drinks | Haffmans - Case study
Technical documentation
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