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Inpack Sampling Device 2.0

Simplify your sampling process with Pentair Haffmans Inpack Sampling Device (Pentair Haffmans ISD 2.0). This secure and straightforward device can take samples from a variety of beverage package types and sizes.

Your samples will be taken reliably and safely, with proven Pentair technology you can trust integrated into the new ISD 2.0.


Straightforward beverage sampling   

Taking a sample from a beverage should be a straightforward task, but process bottlenecks can add up, consuming your time and delaying your sampling progress. Having the right device at hand makes all the difference.  

Pentair Haffmans ISD 2.0 is such a beverage sampling device designed with safety and reliability in mind.

- Protect the device operator and surrounding area with the new safety door integrated into the ISD 2.0..

- Simplify your sampling process with the ISD 2.0 mechanically sequenced operation.

3D Model ISD 2.0

Sampling Device by Pentair on Sketchfab


Secure design in mind  

The safety door cannot be opened once the device is in operation (when operated in accordance with the product operation manual. 

The safety door protects the device operator and the surrounding area should the beverage package break while being pierced and pressurized.  

Keep it simple   
Simplify your sampling process with a mechanically sequenced operation. 

- The ISD 2.0 will not allow the operator to pierce the bottle if the device safety door is left open. 
- Nor can the operator accidentally remove the beverage package while the piercing head is still inside the package.
- The piercing head is mechanical, with no compressed air used, providing greater control over where the piercing head is placed and how it pierces.


Protection with the new safety door should a package break when pierced and pressurized.  

Low operational costs due to robust design. 

Ease of operation as device sits stably on the lab tabletop. 

Proven Pentair technology embedded into the device. 

Diminish the possibility of user error occurring with a mechanically sequenced process.

Broaden your scope of beverage measurements across a variety of control parameters.

Accessories for different package types are in the standard scope of supply.


Functional Description

When the beverage package is pierced, the built-in valve is allowed to open, allowing carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2) from an external gas supply to enter the beverage package’s headspace. The beverage is then forced out of the package and into the sampling line of the quality control instrument. From here, the sample can be directed to the chosen quality control instrument for further analysis.

Inpack sampling device 2.0 with TPO

Fields of application

Inpack sampling device 2.0 with TPO
Take samples from a variety of beverage package sizes and types (glass, PET bottles, and cans), allowing you to sample a wide range of products. These samples can be further used to measure different control parameters such as Nibem foam stability, CO2, O2 and TPO content. 

The ISD 2.0 is not a stand-alone product. It can be combined with:

- Pentair Haffmans Inpack 2000 Flasher Head, type IFH. 

- Pentair Haffmans CO2/O2 Gehaltemeter, type c-DGM/i-DGM/o-DGM. 

- Non-Pentair Haffmans quality control equipment.

Pentair Haffmans Inpack Sampling Device, Type ISD 2.0 - Introduction + Sampling



Product leaflet
Haffmans Inpack Sampling Device 2.0 - ISD
Product leaflet
Haffmans Inpack Sampling Device 2.0 - ISD (German)
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Product leaflet
Inpack Sampling Device - ISD 2.0 | Haffmans - leaflet
Product leaflet
Inpack Sampling Device - ISD | Haffmans - leaflet (German)
Product Overview Brochure
 Quality Control Equipment | Haffmans - Product overview brochure
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