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In-Line Pinpoint Carbonator

The Pentair's In-Line Pinpoint Carbonator - PPC is primarily designed and suited for carbonation of beer, water, soda, wine, and other qualifying liquids but also used for nitrogen injection and wort aeration. The product portfolio has a full range of available capacities.



  • Designed for highest CO2 saturation
  • The product portfolio has a full range of available capacities
  • Simple in-line installation, in either vertical or horizontal line runs
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fully suited for CIP cleaning (solutioning-in-line) or cleaning by use of a ball brush when unit removed from line and replaced with a spool piece
  • Easy access to internal components (porous discs and check valves)
  • Lowest pressure drop of any in-line or similar carbonating device
  • No longer collapsed foam issues

Functional Description

Beer passes across the plates as a thin liquid film, immediately receiving full CO2 saturation even at the lowest possible flow rate. The foam head remains stable over long time periods; when the head does recede, CO2 saturation continues to hold at a high level. The immediate saturation and improved bonding provided by pinpoint carbonation reduce foaming during the transfer of beer from Ruh to storage and greatly reduce the beer’s air content.

The Pinpoint Carbonator is designed for highest CO2 saturation, and intimate gas-to-liquid bonding with micro-pore, stainless steel injector plates dispersing very fine, 5 – 9 micron size bubbles. The injector plates in the Pinpoint Carbonator are micro porous and feature large contact on both sides.

The product portfolio has a full range of available capacities (see technical specification). Smallest, model 1 inch (Size 25), ideally suited for craft breweries, microbreweries, small wineries and other small operations with low flow applications.

Fields of application

  • Beer, water, soda, wine
  • Other qualifying liquids
  • Nitrogen injection and wort aeration



Product leaflet
In-Line Pinpoint Carbonator - PPC
Technical documentation
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Product leaflet
Carbonation Controller Pinpoint Carbonator | Pentair - Product leaflet
Technical documentation
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