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Double Seal Valves

Südmo's Double Seal Valve SD Economic is an cost effective yet technologically-sophisticated alternative to liftable and balanced mixproof double seat valves.


  • Economic and compact alternative to liftable and balanced double seat valves
  • High protection against mixing through innovative positioning of seat seals
  • P3 diaphragm prevents elevator effect
  • Simple integration of flush/leakage valves into the equipment without welding
  • Maintenance - easy, fast and safe
  • Optional sterile barrier for critical products

Functional Description

With Südmo Double Seal Valve, two incompatible media (e.g. CIP and product) can be separated in the pipelines without mixing and contamination. This is ensured by two separate seals, between which an open air space enables any potential leaks to be detected and removed.

Additionally, the leakage chamber can be externally flushed by two valves fitted on each side.
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Fields of application

• Distribution of liquid products
• Distribution of CIP media
• Separation of product areas to CIP-supply and CIP-return



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