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CO2 Dry Ice Press - DIP 0200

The Pentair Union Engineering’s Dry Ice Press - DIP 0200 is used for many different applications. Dry ice has a high reserve of cooling capacity, which makes it a reliable and most economic cooling medium for refrigerated and frozen transport. Catering, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries frequently make use of dry ice.



Pentair Union Engineering supplies standard dry ice plants as well as customized plants to meet specific customer requirements. The Dry Ice Press is hydraulically operated and is supplied with a snow tower for continuous production of dry ice snow, press matrices, operator panel, as well as a heat exchanger for sub-cooling liquid CO2.


By installing a well proven dry ice press at your site, you can produce dry ice in blocks, slices or pellets:

  • Simple and easy-to-operate design
  • Option for revert gas recovery
  • Stand alone unit


Dry ice is CO2 in solid form with a temperature of -78°C at atmospheric pressure. Heated dry ice sublimates from its solid to its gaseous phase without leaving any residues and is thereby a dry and clean alternative to conventional water ice-cooling.


  • CO2 Return Gas Recovery Equipment
    During the expansion of liquid CO2 in the snow tower, approximately 50% of the liquid CO2 is transformed into flash gas. Complete CO2 recovery systems, as well as retrofit equipment – which makes it possible for existing CO2 recovery and generating plants to utilize the return gas from the dry ice press can be supplied according to customer specifications. 
  • Dry Ice Boxes
    Fibreglass dry ice storage boxes equipped with 4 wheels (rolls) and id plate. Boxes are available with capacities between 30 and 600 liters.



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CO2 Dry Ice Press - DIP 0200
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Product leaflet
CO2 Dry Ice Press - DIP 0200 | Union Engineering - leaflet
Technical documentation
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