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Importance of measuring BEER foam

The quality of beer foam is a determining factor for the appearance of a good beer. In the eye of the consumer, a nicely poured foam head at home or their favorite bar is a key qualifier of beer quality. Over time, the beer foam collapses and the longer the foam lasts, the more stable it is. Measuring the foam stability in your laboratory is hence an important step to keep the foam stability parameter consistent.

With Pentair’s solutions it’s easy to improve the appearance of your beer.

Foam Stability Testing Application - Image 2


Foam Stability Testing Application - Image 1

• Objective-based results  
• Measurement based on The NIBEM Institute standards
• Cost saving:
    - Automated measurement – less labor intensive
    - No maintenance required


The NIBEM Foam Stability Tester, type NIBEM-TPH, measures the foam collapse time over a distance of 30 mm. Equipped with product identification and memory, the NIBEM Foam Stability Tester allows for the traceability of measuring data and up to eight different product types can be programmed into the tester.

Foam Stability Tester - Nibem - Haffmans - image 1



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