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Double Seal Valves F269J+

Südmo hygienic Double Seal Valves F269J+ J- series are used for product isolation, where safe mixproof separation of process and CIP fluids is required. Double Seat Valves offer a variety of options that allow monitoring and control of the valves through a PLC control system via the Easymind control unit.


  • Free draining design, eliminates product puddling and air pockets.
  • Smooth ball shaped bodies, reduces turbulence and improves flow.
  • Smooth internal surfaces for ease of cleaning.
  • Maintenance friendly design.
  • Reversible actuator.

  • Product contact parts manufactured from high quality 316L S/S bar.
  • Heavy walled body construction.
  • Semi bright external surface finish.
  • Compact, lightweight design.
  • Heavy duty cast body clamps (bolted type).
  • Various sealing options available.
  • Seat material FPM.
  • Metal plug stop, protects seat seals from wear or damage.
  • Resilient seated for positive isolation.
  • Leakage chamber between seals.
  • Clamped body style offers full 360° orientation of actuator.
  • Butt weld end connections.
  • Swage/crimp type fluid connectors to CIP poppet valves provided with valve.

  • Mirror polished internals
  • Clamp and thread end connections
  • Manual operating device
  • 3-Position actuator
  • Booster actuator
  • Control top or feed back unit
  • Quick release body clamps

Functional Description

The Südmo Double Seal Valves are operated by compressed air, via a linear pneumatic actuator, that can be supplied with or without spring return. The at-rest position of the valve, although normally closed (down position), can also be provided in the normally open (up position), this is determined by the actuator mode being either Spring Extend (SE) or Spring Retract (SR) respectively as selected at time of order. The mode can also be easily changed on site by simply inverting actuator assembly. When air pressure is applied to the cylinder, two small pneumatic normally open (NO) poppet valves, a leak detecting and a CIP valve instantly close and the main valve plug moves through its entire stroke changing the valve from the closed to open position.

When the air is removed or vented from the cylinders the main valve closes, following which the two smaller valves open, thereby venting and draining the leakage chamber to atmosphere. With the main valve in the closed position the leakage chamber can be flushed with water or CIP to clean away product residues. Whilst the valve is in the closed position, one side of the valve can be CIP cleaned while product remains on the opposite side fully protected from possible contamination by the double seals and leakage chamber.


Fields of application

The Südmo Double Seal Valves can be used to control process or CIP fluids in the food processing, canneries, wineries, dairy, brewing, pharmaceutical, beverage and chemical industries. These hygienic valves can be easily automated with the Easymind Electronic Control Top.




Südmo Double Seal Valves F269J+
Installation and Operating Instructions
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