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Hygienic Butterfly Valves F250/F251

Südmo Hygienic Butterfly Valves F250/F251 are used in all segments of hygienic applications. Our comprehensive shut-off valve line features both manual and pneumatic drive options, including lockable handles and vertical actuators. 


  • Maintenance friendly.
  • Site repairable.
  • Quarter turn operation.
  • Full range of optional accessories.

  • Optional end connections.
  • One-piece disc and stem assembly.
  • Fully machined 316L stainless steel body.
  • Bi-directional capability.
  • Equal percentage characteristics.
  • Isolation or regulation control.
  • High Cv.
  • Slim profile disc.
  • Integral valve position indicator.
  • High grade seat material options.
  • Combination dual or multi position handle assembly.
  • High impact reinforced polymer handle with a stainless steel drive (full stainless steel option available).
  • Integral padlocking as standard on manual valves.
  • Speciality divert "T" configurations.

Functional Description

Südmo Hygienic Butterfly Valves can be operated either by a manual handle or remotely controlled by an automated pneumatic actuator. The manual version comes standard with a dual/multiposition handle notch plate, which can be easily reconfigured to suit the specific installation by being positioned in any of the four operating quadrants, and also is supplied standard with a padlock facility. 

The automated version valve can be supplied in three configurations, Spring to Close (STC), Spring to Open (STO) or Double acting (DA).


Fields of application

Südmo Hygienic Butterfly Valves are universal valves for isolation and control, in the food, dairy, brewing, pharmaceutical and beverage industries. These butterfly valves are designed to be easily automated with the Pentair Vertical SS Actuator, combined with the Easymind Electronic Control Top. Other automation options can also be made with other Pentair rack and pinion actuators upon special request.




Südmo Hygienic Butterfly Valves F250/F251
Südmo Hygienic Butterfly Valves F250/F251 - Wafer type
Installation and Operating Instructions
ATEX Installation and Safety Instructions
Repair and Maintenance Instructions
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Hygienic Butterfly Valves - F250/F251 | Pentair - brochure
Butterfly Valves - F250/F251 | Pentair - brochure
Hygienic Butterfly Valves - F250/F251 | Pentair - Installation and operation instructions
Hygienic Butterfly Valves - F250/F251 | Pentair - ATEX Safety and operating instructions
Hygienic Butterfly Valves - F250F251 | Pentair - Repair and maintenance instructions
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