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The clearer way to filter your beer

Based on Pentair X-Flow polymer membrane hollow fiber technology, Pentair Beer Membrane Filtration (BMF) Systems provides breweries with a clearer way to filter their beer through a reliable, agile, and sustainable filtration process. 

Our BMF Systems are available in various capacities for breweries of all sizes, from craft to large breweries.

With Pentair’s BMF you can rely on:
Enhanced filtration process
Consistent beer quality
System agility
A contribution to sustainability

Filling urgent needs

With Pentair BMF Systems rely on improved filtration performance for quality beer output, automation for ease of use, and membrane technology for a sustainable way to filter your beer.

Brewed perfection

Contributes to sustainability

System agility 

enhance filtration process

With Pentair X-Flow membranes, benefit from:

  • Consistent beer quality.
  • Improved taste stability due to no iron pick-up.
  • Reliable blocking of yeast.
  • Reduction of beer spoiling bacteria.

  • Ban on hazardous Diatomaceous Earth (DE) dust.
  • Up to 50% lower solid waste in the brewery.
  • Low water usage.
  • Lower CO2 footprint.
  • Lower beer loss.
  •  Straightforward process.
  • Unique start-stop procedure.
  • No centrifuge utilized.
  • Ideal for brand changes.
  • Suitable for batch & continuous filtration processing
  • Easy to expand.
  • Comparable capital expenditures
  • Low operational expenditures
  • Less disposal costs.
  • Fully automated.
  • No storage handling and logistics of DE.


Key benefits of Pentair X-Flow Beer Hollow Fiber Membrane Technology include:

  • Optimized pore size distribution for a reliable blocking of yeast and strong reduction of beer spoiling bacteria
  • Ideal polymer for food contact, cleaning chemicals and high temperatures
  • Iron pick-up free so a clearly better taste stability


Iron pickup is prevented when use of diatomaceous earth filter-aid is avoided, reducing the aging process and thereby improving the taste stability of beer. 

The use of membranes brings with them a more sustainable way of working.  
Unlike kieselguhr which is single-use, membranes are resuable and last several years, this results in a lower CO2 footprint.
The harmful disposal of filter media waste is also no longer needed.

Beer Membrane Filtration - Application - Image 6

Experience greater peace of mind as Pentair BMF experts handle the entire project management of the Beer Membrane Filtration System installation, with dedicated service support for its lifetime.

Beer Membrane Filtration - Application - Image 5


  • Pentair X-Flow Hollow Fiber Membrane Technology 
  • Project management and engineering 
  • Pentair Südmo Process Valve Technology
  • Pentair Haffmans Quality Control Measurement 

  • Optional smart steering function
  • Inline cleaning for lower consumptions

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Princen Brewery (Russian)
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Jacobsen Craft Brewery, Denmark
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Beer Membrane Filtration from Pentair
BMF Service Level Agreements (English)

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Case Study
Beer membrane filtration - Greene King | Pentair - Case study
Case Study
St. Austell | Pentair - case study
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Beer membrane filtration - BMF Compact S1-S4 - Princen | Pentair - case study
Case study
Case study
Case study
Beer membrane filtration - BMF Compact S1-S4 - Princen | Pentair - case study (Russian)
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Product Overview Brochure
Beer Membrane Filtration | Pentair - brochure
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