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The clearer way to filter your beer

Based on polymer membrane hollow fiber technology, Pentair Beer Membrane Filtration (BMF) Systems provides breweries with a clearer way to filter their beer through a reliable, agile, and sustainable filtration process.

Coupled with Pentair project management and ongoing service support, Pentair BMF Systems help breweries create quality beer while meeting market demand through process efficiencies in predictable output and sustainable utility consumption.



Iron pickup is prevented when use of diatomaceous earth filter-aid is avoiding, reducing the aging process and improving the shelf life and taste stability of beer. 

Beer Membrane Filtration - Application - Image 6


The use of membranes brings with them a more sustainable way of working.  

As Pentair BMF does not need any pre clarification with a centrifuge, energy consumption is lowered, contributing to a lower the CO2 footprint. The harmful disposal of filter media waste is also no longer needed.

Beer Membrane Filtration - Application - Image 7

Experience greater peace of mind as Pentair BMF experts handle the entire project management of the Beer Membrane Filtration System installation, with dedicated service support for its lifetime.

Beer Membrane Filtration - Application - Image 5


  • Satisfy customers with brewed perfection 
  • Reduce system downtime with dedicated service 
  • Ecofriendly, cleaner operation with membranes 
  • Benefit from predictable output 
  • Retain flexibility with system agility 


  • In-house membrane technology
  • Optional membrane leasing available
  • Integrated in-house process valve technology
  • Quality control measurement
  • Optional smart steering function
  • Inline cleaning capability 

Pentair - Brewed Perfection at Greene King Brewery, UK



Product Overview Brochure
Beer Membrane Filtration from Pentair
Case Study
Greene King Brewery

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Product Overview Brochure
Beer Membrane Filtration | Pentair - brochure
Case Study
Beer membrane filtration - Greene King | Pentair - Case study
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