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CO2 and Flue Gas Quality Analyzer (Burette)

The purpose of Pentair’s CO2 Burette is measuring gaseous CO2 purity in the range from 80-100%.


On a scale of 99-100%, you can measure with the accuracy of 0,1% if the burette is held at 100% level.

On the scale from 80-99%, you can measure with the accuracy of 2,0% if held 100% level. The CO2 Burette can also measure the CO2 content in the flue gas in a range from 0% to 20%.


Simple, faultless, clean, and accurate testing of your gas.


1. Fit rubber hose to the bottom of the Burette and open both valves. Valves are from the beginning in their closed position. Connect the hose to the measurement point and slowly flush for approx. 60 seconds or more. First, close the bottom valve and then close the top valve. Finish by removing the hose.

2. Carefully fill the upper reservoir with the 30% caustic soda solution just up to the filling mark. Open the upper valve. The caustic solution will flow to the lower reservoir, consuming all gaseous CO2 on its path. When the CO2 is absorbed, the inert gases will have accumulated at the up- per end of the scale (80% - 100%), and the CO2 purity can be read. A small bubble will rise with difficulty. It may be moved around by tilting the Burette slightly, thereby ensuring complete absorption of the gas. The flue gas is measured by closing the top valve, emptying the rest of the solution in the upper reservoir, and turning the burette upside-down. The flue gas purity can be read on a scale of 0 - 20%.

3. After the test is completed, empty the caustic solution from the Burette. Place the Burette over a container and open both valves to allow the caustic solution to drain out. Rinse thoroughly all traces of caustic solution away with warm water and dry the Burette before returning it to its case.

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A 30% caustic solution made up of 1 liter of water mixed with 0.3 kg Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) or 0.3 kg of Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) has to be applied in the operation of this instrument. This solution may cause severe burns to the operator if not handled with care. Wear safety goggles and protective clothing while operating this instrument.



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