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Distinct taste and superior quality – that’s what consumers aim for when buying your product. The constant need for efficiency, variety and flexibility in production puts additional pressure on food and beverage processors. Pentair's CO2 Management Solutions puts you at ease when it comes to product quality and optimizing the management of CO2 as your key quality parameters - so you can focus on that distinct taste.

Haffmans quality control equipment is available for portable, lab or inline usage, and include the measurement of CO2. So start now by measuring your CO2 levels during and after production and improve your taste stability and shelf life.

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  • Longer shelf-life
  • Reliable measurement gives you peace of mind
  • Taste stability due to better control
  • Manage the customer experience of your beverage

Importance of measuring co2

CO2 measurement has various important roles:

Can you remember you've ever tried a beer or soft drink without CO2? Please forget that thought instantly because CO2 has some important benefits when it comes to beverages. CO2 gives a stabile taste experience when you keep your CO2 values constant because CO2

  • transports Aroma's during tasting to the nose of the consumer, keeping the CO2 values stabile means a very consistent taste experience
  • CO2 is giving freshness and fizz to it's taste.

CO2 acts as preservative and increases shelf life. This means that when every batch has the same CO2 content the best before date is similar. Off course this is different when your CO2 levels are fluctuating between batches, then this can have a negative impact on your shelf life and also on customer satisfaction. Therefore it is especially important to have CO2 management in place to protect the shelf life of your beverage. That's because your beverage should have the same taste experience by the end of the best before date as if it was freshly bottled.


Breweries, Beverage and Soft Drink Producers can measure CO2 levels during various process steps. The overview below shows where CO2 measurements can be conducted as part of your production process.

Cold Block (brewery related)
  • Monitoring the CO2 formation during fermentation
  • Monitoring the CO2 content during the carbonation process

  • Final in-process quality control

  • Final product quality control check

CO2 content of carbonated beverages
  • in tanks
  • in pipelines
  • in kegs (pre-mix)
  • on dispensing systems
  • in bottles and cans (in combination with ISD-SP)

Measure co2 in brewing process

Brewing solutions VIDEO

proven co2 technology

From tools with a more manual approach where the bottle needs to be manually brought to equilibrium between gas and liquid up to advanced solutions using laser technology and even fully automated measurement. Pentair Haffmans offers the full scope. See our related products at this page to discover more.

CO2 measurement using laser technology
The Pentair Haffmans CO2 Selector is using a laser that beams trough the package of a bottle. The CO2 molecules in the headspace absorb the infrared light send through the bottle. The result of the measurement is based on the width of the absorption lines (related to the total pressure) and its intensity (related to the concentration of the CO2).



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Haffmans Quality Control Equipment
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Product Overview Brochure
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