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CO2 Cylinder Filling Unit - CFU

Pentair's Cylinder Filling Unit - CFU consists of a high-pressure cylinder filling pump with a capacity of 600 kg/hr connected to the CO2 storage tank in a by-pass system.



The Cylinder Filling Unit allow you easy filling of 6-40 kg type cylinders:

  • Plug & Play - easy installation
  • Intuitive parameter setting on easily readable display with easy touch buttons
  • Electronic weighing control system with automatic zero control, auto tare
  • Optionally, two weighing scale systems
  • Quick coupling for cylinders
  • Fast & easy access to Cylinders
  • Easy maintenance


When the filling of the cylinder stop, the CO2 is circulated back to the CO2 storage tank.

For easy operation, the cylinder is connected to the filling system with quick coupling. The correct filling amount of CO2 is adjusted on the scale.

The scale is supplied with an electronic weighing control system, with various facilities such as automatic zero control, auto-tare for registering known tare, output for printer or computer with indication of e.g. hour, item no., the customer no. and dispatch no. The scale of graduation is 20 g.

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  • Cylinder filling pump with AC motor
  • Filling and safety valves
  • Electronic weighing system
  • Frame mounted with base plate in stainless steel
  • Optional with 2 weighing scale systems for even faster-filling



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