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Liquid CO2 Storage Tanks

The Pentair Liquid CO2 Storage Tanks are designed to provide dry liquid CO2 storage capacity on site. They act as a buffer when CO2 consumption is lower than the liquid CO2 supply rate.


Bulk storage of liquid CO2

Pentair can provide three type of insulation for our CO2 storage tanks:

  • Pre-insulated prior to shipment with the following insulation:
    -120 mm polyurethane (150 mm for 110 m3 )
    -1 mm aluminum cladding
  • Pre-fabricated insulation materials delivered separately for installation on site:
    - 150 mm polystyrene
    - vapor barrier
    - 20 mm mineral wool
    - 1 mm aluminum cladding
  • Vacuum insulated cryogenic (only available as vertical design):
    - Insulation: Fine grain perlite + vacuum
    - Vacuum value: min. 5 x 10-2 mbar(a)

Design pressure: 20 bar(g) (25 bar(g) for vacuum insulated type)

Connections for:

  • CO2 plant, liquid and gas
  • Truck filling station
  • Cylinder filling station
  • CO2 evaporator
  • Blow-off and drain

Design temperature: -40/+40 °C
Seismic zone: UBC 2 (other zones available on request)
Design code: PED 97/23/EC (other approvals available on request)


  • Liquid level indicator (differential pressure type) with safety switch against overfilling
  • Load cells (option, for horizontal tanks)
  • Double-mounted safety relief valve with change-over valve
  • Necessary valves and fittings
  • Manhole for inspection


Pentair Haffmans Liquid CO2 Storage Tanks operate successfully in many parts of the world in industries where liquid CO2 is stored and im/exported such as:

  • Brewing
  • Wine
  • Cider 
  • Bioethanol 
  • Distilling
  • Natural water well / spring
  • Biogas upgrading :  biomethane to grid
  • Gas companies

It is integrated into a CO2 recovery process down stream of the CO2 Liquefaction system  or operates stand-alone.
Whether the site situation requires a complete new plant,  a replacement, a retrofit or expansion, Pentair Haffmans provides a suitable CO2 storage solution.



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